The Nationwide Door Hardware is the home of Modern Hinges. We have the highest quality of hinges that can enhance the beauty and style of your home. However, conceal Hinges have become the most sort after hardware in the market. This is not because of their quality but design. As the name implies, these type of hinges are almost invisible. What this means is that you cannot see them like other types of hinges when you install them on your property.

Concealed hinges are special type of Modern Hinges you would like to install in your home. Apart from the fact that you can’t see them once installed, they do not interfere with the design of your property in anyway. In addition, they do not also collect dust like other types of Hinges.

However, the Nationwide Door Hardware has different types and designs of concealed hinges. We supply high quality Modern Hinges and we are committed to meeting the demand of every home by providing the best design that will suit the property.

However, concealed hinges are very beneficial, especially when compared to other types of hinges. Below are some genuine benefits of this unique hardware that are interesting.

  1. They self-close

Other Modern Hinges may need some extra hardware before they can self-close. They may also require some form of magnetic field to keep them closed, which if not provided, may even cause them to sneak their way back. However, one unique feature about the Concealed Hinges is that they self-close. They also stay closed and do not need any extra hardware to stay closed.

  1. They remain quiet

There are other types of Modern Hinges but the Concealed Hinges are the Cadillac of all other types of hinges. Apart from the fact that they are self-closing, they also close quietly. You can use them for your doors or drawers, and they will not even slam shut. However, this slow closing action of the conceal hinges helps to prolong the life of the cabinet and make the facility where the casework is fixed to be much quieter. However, this type of action is very useful in certain conditions where noise is a major concern.

  1. They are adjustable

These Modern Hinges are adjustable. In fact, they have up to three dimensions you can adjust them. However, this will help you to align all doors in your home perfectly. The conceal hinges can be easily customized, both up and down, in and out, to meet every of your needs.

  1. Easy to remove

Conceal hinges are very easy to remove. If you need to get your door changed, all you actually need is a screwdriver to get the work down.

The Nationwide Door Hardware offers different styles and designs of Modern Hinges. You can check out our showroom to find out different types of hinges that will astonish you. In addition, we also offer weekly sales for different fixtures every week. You can check to find out the best type of Modern Hinges for your property.